Wednesday, December 01, 2004

jessica simpson shows her solidarity with mary-kate olsen by dressing exactly like her. maybe she wishes she had twins for little sisters instead of a lip-syncer.

so weird: bobby darin wore condoms while he performed on stage in case the experience made him blow his load.

oh no they didn't provides us with assorted visual treats:
  • remember sam from "clarissa explains it all"? they sure do.
  • aaron carter tries to make us forget that he may have been intimate with michael jackson by doing a totally gay photo shoot for l'uomo vogue.
  • maroon 5 loves the chronic!

    good news, chuck klosterman: motley crue is touring again.

    tara reid: still the most photogenic celebrity to date.

    when johnny depp was asked by another patron of a london restaurant to stop smoking, he refused and said to her, "we're not in la anymore." the reasoning and the use of pronoun we, escapes me here.

    imdb news:
  • is lucy liu as hard-up for press as her onscreen beau in charlie's angels? she's set to guest on "joey" with him.
  • please let this be true. heath ledger may steal sienna miller away from jude law. good riddens.
  • plans for a mark burnett martha steart reality show are still on.
  • bill maher is countersuing nancy "coco" johnsen.

    are the beckhams still going to want elton as their children's godfather after this? he has publicly criticized the way they reacted to beck's infidelity allegations.

    britney and kevin fill the void of her thus far empty womb with a new puppy with whom they can play dress up.