Tuesday, December 14, 2004

if you feel like you've had enough lindsay lohan to last a lifetime, you've picked the wrong day to read hart. i've decided, like many, to devote some space to her debut album, speak. in addition, i laud bravo's newish reality show, "project runway".

linday's new album may have been more appropriately titled safe, as it is just that, taking very few risks, even in the relatively tame genre of pop music. on the whole, it is a mix of ballads and perky dance tracks that could have just as easily come from her rival, hilary duff, or from ashlee simpson, michelle branch and, on some tracks, even vanessa carlton or kelly clarkson. what more could we have expected from a possibly pectorally-enhanced long island girl, though? for the most part, lohan's reflective tunes, which include "symptoms of you", "over" and "something i never had" are so intolerable that they make devoting any more print to them not worth the effort. the only exception may be "very last moment in time". clearly, as a reader of this blog, you know that i unabashedly love pop culture. when it comes to songs like this one, though, i usually can avoid the bait. somehow, this kelly clarkson wannabe track has won me over. i can see this one being big. the general populace are suckers for lines like "live like it's the last moon rising" and this could be miss lohan's crossover tune. whoever wrote this number even caught on to hilary's success with rain in "come clean" by using the line "i just wanna stay here, soaking up the rain. falling all around me; wash the world away". linds, "laguna beach" is calling. they want your song for the season two credits.

unfortunately, "vlmit" tis a near lone gem in a bunch of stinkers like the first single, "rumors", "nobody til you" and "disconnected". most of these tracks are about first love and lack of privacy, subjects that we know are near and dear to this busty redhead's heart (as well as every other teenager in america). but they seem about as real as the singer's oft-debated breasts (i.e., not very). the songs that are most successful use her deep, breathy, scratchy voice to its capacity and tear pages out of britney spears's songbook. the album's title track, "speak" is a bouncy ride that could easily be the teen anthem of 2004. "first", while weak in terms of chorus, has some pretty rockin' riffs (kitty, you're so laughing at me right now) and "to know your name" is just sexy and electronic enough to be worthy of mrs. federline's in the zone (a huge compliment from britpoppa). the winning tracks on this cd are definitely few and far between. you'll do far better scouring soulseek for these ditties than handing over your money to the man for them. here are my two picks (for free!).
lindsay lohan - to know your name
lindsay lohan - speak

i interrupt this edition of hart to bring you a very important hot guy alert. britpoppa is giving you your christmas present early in the form of some luscious eye candy that i found in the new issue of interview on my lunch break. on the left is matthew gray gubler, who plays intern #1 (with substantially curlier hair) in the life aquatic with steve zissou. the 24-year-old started out as wes anderson's real-life intern before he landed the role in his boss' film. on the right is 20-year-old gaspard ullier of jean-pierre jeunet's a very long engagement. i haven't seen either of these films yet (avle screening is tonight) so i can't tell you how these boys act, but i do have high hopes for them and the movies in which they star. i now return you to your regularly scheduled hart already in progress.

as season three of "america's next top model" comes to an end tomorrow, i have found my new fashion world reality show. "project runway" brings 12 designers together in a competition for their chance at $100k towards their own clothing line and the mentorship of the banana republic design team (i'd take just the $100k myself). the last three designers left standing get to do a full line for nyc fashion week in february. why did it take producers so long to come up with this one? you don't really get characters that are any kookier than fashion designers, as john galliano, betsey johnson, richie rich and traver rains of heatherette and innumerable others have proven time and time again. in this competition, the kookiest of all seems to be jay mccarroll, a flabby fairy who last week dressed like jesus and cried his eyes out. i'm too early in to really make a call on any other stand out personalities, save the motherly wendy, but this show is a must-watch for anyone who considers her/himself an aspiring fashionista.