Monday, December 06, 2004

i went a little harder and more seasonal for the second britpoppa semi-weekly celebrity guessing game. these two celebs haven't been making many waves lately, aside from their reindeer impressions at a scientology holiday event. leave your guesses in the comments and come back wednesday to find out who they are.

while you wring your hands in anticipation, enjoy some more celebrity gossip via page sixsixsix and gawker:
  • clay aiken may not be the sweetheart the claymates think he is. he snubbed the high school students he sang with last thursday and then tried to make it up with happy meals.
  • lesbian baby news: cynthia nixon and her lover are already hoping to adopt a baby after being outed as a couple only three months ago. sara gilbert, best known as the sarcastic tomboy darlene on "roseanne", and her lesbian lover welcomed a baby boy into the world two months ago. where were the tabloids on this one?
  • jessica biel is pulling a mary and getting married young. she's engaged to chris evans, soon to be known as the human torch in the upcoming fantastic four film. unlike her "seventh heaven" counterpart, though, i doubt she's saved herself for the wedding night.
  • upn's "kevin hill" may be cancelled early and not due to poor ratings. its star, taye diggs, has been receiving death threats due to his interracial marriage. diggs married his rent co-star idina menzel in january 2003 and is now being threatened with castration over it.