Monday, December 27, 2004

dj am likes two handfuls. he goes for the double grasp of girlfriend, nicole ritchie's sweet ass after dinner at la's hip eatery, koi.

liza minnelli was rushed to the hospital this morning after falling out of bed and hitting her head. liza, no more monkeys jumping on the bed!

celebrities, they're just like us: matthew perry has developed a new addiction. he's moved from painkillers to online poker, just like half of britpoppa's friends. silly, chandler. those syndication checks only go so far.

speaking of addicts, george carlin entered a drug rehabilitation facility in an attempt to rid himself of his own little painkiller problem. he's also revealed himself to be a wino. it's hard to dull the pain of deafening silence, isn't it?

lindsay lohan still hasn't moved on from her onscreen love, chad michael murray. the wb "it boy" and lohan's co-star in freaky friday has been receiving numerous flirtacious phone calls from the actress-cum-singer and her pal, paris hilton. this is all much to the chagrin of murray's fiancee, sophia bush, who is the subject of redhead's teasing in the calls.

heath ledger learned the hard way on "regis and kelly" that sometimes australian slang doesn't translate in the states. said the lion-looking actor, "i told him that me and my mates liked to put on our thongs and grab weenies." just as foster's is australian for beer, thong is australian for flip-flop.

orlando bloom seems a little more interested in the autograph hounds than his lady, kate bosworth. can't blame him. gawker points out the fact that she might not make the most intellectually stimulating company.

proving that he has no fear of overexposure, usher will premiere a 20-minute film of himself with joy bryant on fox new year's eve.

imdb news:
  • mischa barton hopes to get a "fixer upper" home in la in 2005. somehow i doubt she'll be the one doing the fixing.
  • i'm guessing lindsay lohan may end up in the hospital with exhaustion again. she's due to be both in ny and miami for new years.
  • the beckhams's christening of their sons is being criticized by the church as it did not take place in a consecrated church. brooklyn and romeo, purgatory here you come. for details of the lavish affair, click here.
  • javier bardem is being sued by the model whose nose he broke while dancing.
  • marlon brando's former business manager is suing the actor's estate for several offenses, including sexual harassment and unpaid commissions. if there's anyone who knows what she can get out of the man, it's his business manager.

    shannon elizabeth and her husband may be suffering marital woes. the busty brunette left her man of eight years to spend christmas in new york with his family, while she was elsewhere. look at him, can you blame her?

    bjork shows off another fabulous fashion statement on the streets of manhattan. i hear zubaz are making a comeback.