Tuesday, December 07, 2004

britpoppa readers should stop looking for ali fatourechi pics and start looking for karl lindman ones. it seems the tinier olsen twin has moved on to a new man. mary-kate was spotted making out with the above pictured calvin klein model at marquee last month. she's also well on her way to gaining the freshman 15 (thank god). to see the model that lindsay lohan's after, click here.

the grammy nominations are out and brian wilson has gotten a nod for best pop album. unfortunately, also recognized were los lonely boys for britpoppa's pick for worst song of the year, "heaven".

who would have thought that such otherwise classy people could be so cheap. the cast of "the apprentice 2" are becoming known around new york as non-tippers.

finally, photographic proof that nicole kidman is dating elizabeth hurley's baby daddy, steve bing. sure, they're not even holding hands, but these days, you get into a car with someone and you're practically married.

j lo is clearly a gap shopper. she sported the chain store's sold out sequin scarf in france today.

remember when you read that justin timberlake was going to be iron man? well, scratch that.

charlize theron may be willing to put on weight and look horrible, but don't ask her to pick up doggy doodoo. she's hired an assistant to do it for her at $20 an hour. not for diva reasons, though, she can't do it herself because of her back injury.

i thought playmobil made the coolest nativity scene ever, but the honor clearly goes to madame tussauds. the famous wax museum did a version with david and victoria beckham as joseph and mary.

another reason to hate sienna miller: she gorges on carbs and fats and still looks model perfect. her secret? trimspa, baby!

i can think of a few diaries i'd rather open up: pink is planning to write a movie about her life called the diary of pink. hopefully, she won't find the writing process "just like a pill".

lindsay lohan pulled an ashlee on gma yesterday. she very clearly lipsynced to a couple of her songs. must be that she was all torn up about losing her wallet earlier at an upper east side bar and having her (very possibly fake) id scanned and sent all over the internets.

madonna fired her long-term manager because she was having an affair with her bodyguard. kabbalistic morals do not allow for infidelity and so madonna was offended by the indiscretions. in 1992, she would have promoted her.

omg. this is so going to be the hottest ticket in town. next year, p. diddy and laura bush are going to have a joint birthday party. i can't wait for dick cheney's wardrobe malfunction.

despite the pictures you may have seen of her clubbing, the sun reports that britney spears spent most of her birthday in bed. she and kevin did not emerge from their santa barbara hotel room for hours and even refused a free birthday cake. britney, refusing junk food? she must be serious about baby-making.

minnie driver refused to be photographed with her co-star in phantom of the opera at the movie's premiere last night. i can understand. with movies like return to me and beautiful under her belt, why would she risk being seen with someone actually talented?

this is almost as good as ryan fessing up to his love for journey. benjamin mckenzie's real surname is schenkkan. i think i found your new beau, natalie hershlag.