Thursday, December 09, 2004

britney: gimme a kiss kev. i even brushed my teeth tonight. kevin: i can't do it, baby. the little one is watchin'. britney: i love dressin' my pup in pearls, ya'll.

taylor handley is so pissed. "the oc" decided to go with the marissa goes lesbo plotline over the oliver returns plotline. maybe "one tree hill" is casting.

anna nicole smith shows off a stomach that only lipo can achieve. so much for trimspa, baby.

cameron diaz is considering countersuing the paparazzi whose camera she stole, but the chances of her winning a slim. you put a man in a head-lock and it's hard to get a jury to side with you.

jay-z has been named president and ceo of def jam. he'll need that money with an illegitimate baby on the way.

rush and molloy:
  • mel gibson to buy island.
  • richard dreyfuss buys porn.
  • john travolta buys plane.
  • steven spielberg's lifelike mannequins for the war of the worlds may be a little too lifelike. they've run away.
  • tara reid of lindsay lohan: "don't put me with her - i don't want to be dragged into her s-." that's right, tara. you have enough of your own.

    danes, booze and jennifer lopez = bad combination. booze and snl alum tracy morgan = shirt off and curse words all around.

    women all over england are requesting sharon osbourne's hairstyle. yet another reason, the british are insane.

    scarlett johansson is a master interior decorator. her home plans include satin wallpaper and a hot tub in the living room. stripper pole to be installed soon.

    this speaks to minnie driver's vocal abilities, she lip syncs throughout her new part in the phantom of the opera. i can't wait to buy her cd. related, the generous makers of the film did not invite the actual voice behind the role.

    bad ideas: talk shows for sam and raj from "the apprentice" (seasons 1 and 2, respectively), and charla and mirna from "the amazing race", and a musical for george clooney.

    imdb news:
  • julia roberts has been able to take her babies home after her daughter spent a short period in an incubator.
  • get out your scissors. phantom's ingenue, emily rossum, doesn't notice when her ass is exposed.
  • nicole kidman's fling, steve bing, has finally met his two-year-old son by elizabeth hurley. what a catch.
  • brad pitt hopes to beat clooney to the musical idea, with zeta-jones as his co-star.
  • alanis morisette is going "curb your enthusiasm" style with an improvised sitcom about her life while touring.
  • lynne spears thinks britney's baby fever is a phase, forcing her daughter to get parenting advice from the internet.

    lindsay lohan's mom is single and ready to mingle. she showed off her goods while dancing on top of the bar at marquee the other night. that's long island for you. (no offense, lauren.)

    you probably don't want to picture this, catherine zeta-jones and michael douglas did a nine-month "sexual dance" before finally getting it on.

    why is it that the people who get the free stuff are the ones who don't need it? donald trump is using donated wedding rings for his nuptials to barbie doll, melania knauss, after receiving offers from numerous retailers.

    you like me. you really like me! i think i'll do a hoedown! eat this, jessica!