Friday, December 31, 2004

beyonce and jay-z in the caribbean begin an all beach-photos edition of britpoppa and b proves that you can never be too rich to wear boy shorts. poor gal, she had no friends when she was little.

michelle williams, of "dawson's creek" not destiny's child, is still swapping spit with heath ledger. the couple were recently spotted canoodling at the beach in australia.

turns out jessica simpson's mom might be just as weird as her dad. she used to pull at her daughter's legs before tucking her in at night to lengthen them. mrs. simpson, next time try milk. it does a body good.

kevin federline has demanded that his bride, britney spears, stop spending his potential alimony money. he told her that she cannot buy any more clothing until she clears out her closet, which is bursting at the seams.

donald trump is looking to expand his ever growing list of namesake products by doing the unthinkable, a line of hair products. there's always a market for gag gifts.

anna nicole smith had better get another spokeswoman job fast. her "stepson" won an appeal of the case that awarded her $88.5 million of her dead husband's estate despite the fact she was not mentioned in his will.

why couldn't kirsten dunst have pulled down those bikini straps just a little bit further? she's no lindsay lohan, but those are some bodacious Ts. hint: if you want to make her cry, throw on some coldplay.

contact music impossibly reports that kate hudson will earn $85 million as jeannie in the i dream of jeannie movie. she may play the part, but i'm doubting that will be the figure on her paycheck.

mariah carey received a diamond butterfly necklace worth half a million dollars from a mystery suitor who wants to marry her. this guy must not have seen glitter.

paris hilton was more than just fashionably late to the opening of her nightclub in orlando, florida last night. she missed her flight and ended up arriving six hours after her scheduled appearance. paris had been flying back from the swiss alps where she was feverishly resented by the local aristocrats. you do one night vision sex tape and your social status goes down the drain.

there were likely tears streaming down the face of this mickey's blue eyes when hugh grant was "stung by a bloody jellyfish" while on holiday with girlfriend jemima khan in barbados. apparently the mishap was "hilarious".

samuel l. jackson wasn't always the smooth motha we all know him to be. he used to be attached to the end of a crack pipe. he only learned to "just say no" in 1990, when his daughter found him passed out. way to go (vassar grad), zoe.

bjork has a pretty protective entourage. when she was accidentally covered in ice water due to a fashion designer's stupidity, her minions pounced and caused a ruckus.

uma thurman yanks at her bikini bottoms while vacationing in st. bart's (same as kiki) with boyfriend, andre balasz. again, next time tug a little harder, please.