Monday, December 20, 2004

ben affleck checked out more than just the menu when he stopped by jamba juice for a smoothie the other day. word is, he borrowed $20 from a photographer to buy his beverage of choice.

diane lane's wedding day certainly didn't bring the 39-year-old actress her happily ever after. yesterday, she had to call the cops on hubby josh brolin, who was later arrested for spousal battery. he posted $20,000 bail and posed for a mug shot that will certainly end up on the smoking gun later this week. fucking goonie.

stay away from javier bardem on the dance floor. the actor, celebrated for his portrayal of reinaldo arenas in before night falls, fractured a model's nose while trying out some wild dance steps at the after party for his new film, the sea inside. this is one dancer who should have stayed upstairs.

sienna miller, the girl golden fiddle loves to hate, thinks dating people magazine's sexiest man alive makes her above the law. she continually smoked at an award show, despite being asked to snuff out her cig three times.

we know what kevin federline wants for christmas: a music career. wife britney spears is only too happy to do whatever she can to make her fine hubby's dream come true. she's working on building a recording studio for him in their malibu home.

tom cruise visited an ice cream store while filming the war of the worlds and left $5,000 in a jar collecting money for an injured young girl. the shocking thing is not that mr. cruise is generous, but that he had 50 $100 bills in his wallet at the time. damn.

jessica simpson reacts to the news that husband nick lachey only bought her $100k worth of christmas presents this year. last year he spend $125k.

maybe i'll try for a job as kitty's intern. mary-kate olsen is earning college credit for the internship she's doing this semester with her boyfriend ali fatourechi. the promoter is launching his own line of jeans.

mischa barton is terrified of birds, particularly emus. "[they] are really big," she said. "they're like psycho birds that chase you." could be she's sensitive about her resemblance to them.

things are heating up for benecio del toro and his much younger gal pal, sara foster. she may even get the infamous cad to settle down. the oscar winner has a thing for blondes; he may have gotten intimate with scarlett johansson in an elevator after last year's oscars.

lindsay lohan is attempting to sock it to her ex yet again by throwing a competing new year's eve party in miami. while wilmer scored the black eyed peas and dj am for his fete, lindsay snagged jessica alba and desperate housewife eva longoria. no matter whose party wins the most buzz, it's sure to be a freaky friday.

penelope cruz gave her bandidas co-star, salma hayek, a little squeeze while promoting the film in mexico. can you blame her? salma's got some nice junk in the trunk.

charlie sheen and denise richards are expecting another baby, just months after the birth of their first child. these two are proving themselves to be real wild things whose sex life is likely rated x. how else could charlie have given up the hookers?

if last week's hot guy alert left you longing for more pictures of the gorgeous gaspard ullier, oh no they didn't helps you out.

courtney love is going to tell us all what we already know. she's planning on writing a book that reveals all her dirty little secrets. this hardly comes as a surprise since courtney will reveal her secrets to anyone who bothers to listen.

orlando bloom's new found devotion to buddhism may be reaching cultic proportions. he's been seen participating in a "commitment ceremony" for soka gakkai, a very controversial form of the religion.

pouting just isn't really punk, but neither is pink. after avril lavigne was doused in pink paint for a video, her hair was left with remnants from the experience and had to be re-dyed. the process left ms. lavigne so cranky, she called for a closed set on her cosmo cover shoot. doesn't she know cosmos are pink? she should have left her hair that way.

kirsten dunst makes a face as she realizes that photographers are watching her have lunch with her brother. this is one girl who's wishing she wore her invisibility cloak today.