Tuesday, November 16, 2004

today's edition of hart covers two promotional appearances for two very prominent blonde bombshells. while they seem as different as night and day, these two videos prove that their stars have more in common than you might think.

nicole kidman's chanel no. 5 ad is a spectacle to be sure. to create it, she worked again with director baz luhrmann, who elevated her career with moulin rouge in 2001. together, the amazing oz duo managed to spend possibly $60 million basically redoing their prior film in two minutes. does it sell perfume? not really. coco's signature scent is only mentioned at the very end of the ad and pictured in nicole's $41 million necklace. otherwise, the chanel logo sits on the roof of an apartment building much the same way the la boheme sign did in luhrmann's failed, though no doubt lush, opera. the story has nicole, a beautiful and famous siren, fall in love with a gorgeous philosopher shut-in type, who does not know who she is. they share a passionate and melodramatic affair before she must return to her public. nicole, who has proven herself numerous times as an actress, fails pretty miserably here in doing anything but looking flawless. she spouts out vapid lines like, "i'm a dancer. i love to dance!" as we watch the millions go up in smoke, we definitely know what they were spent on - the commercial is gorgeous - but we still feel we haven't gotten our money's worth. chanel could have banked on the beauty of ms. kidman without making us all feel nauseated. view the ad in its entirety here.

now we compare nic's self-indulgent ad with anna nicole smith's self-indulgent (and drunk) appearance at the american music awards. defamer points us to ifilm's video of the unforgettable incident here. anna opened up her intro to kanye west's performance with the memorable line, "do you like my body?" the former guess girl and playmate of the year has never been known for her subtlety, but isn't this exactly what nicole is asking us when we see her emerge on the red carpet as a perfect black tower in her backless chanel gown? i think so. as anna continues her monologue, she hints at her aspirations of releasing an album. when nicole's character runs off with the philosopher, headlines race across the screen about the most famous woman in the world. with five movies released in the last 2 years, the ex-mrs. cruise may be hoping to become just that. anna's slurred speech and raised arms more than allude to the fact that didn't use her best judgment when preparing for her first public appearance in some time. the recycled themes and cliched dialogue of the chanel ad demonstrate that nicole was perhaps blindsighted by the glamour of the fashion house. all in all, both appearances show two women who have reached or are on the verge of overexposure. nicole kidman for chanel no. 5: c+, anna nicole smith at the ama's: a- (for the freaking genius comment alone).