Monday, November 01, 2004

today, i introduce the semi-regular feature, "what i learned in the express today". for those of you not in the dc area, the express is the "dc area's free daily newspaper, created especially for local residents on the go." i dub it, "the post for dummies." being one of those dummies, i delight at the express as often as i can (and am rarely disappointed). today, i was directed to a hilarious crime that represents humanity reaching a new low. a wisconsin woman dug up the grave of her ex-boyfriend, presumably to imbibe the beer and cigarettes that were buried with him. i thought beer was piped in through the faucets in wisconsin. also eerie was the story about using mris to understand voters. what bothered me wasn't so much the "corruption of medical research", as a concerned activist called it, but the fact that, when viewing an image of john kerry, one democrat's brain imaging lit up "with a profound sense of connection, like a beautiful sunset." i may be voting for the guy, but i certainly don't rank him up there with nature's miraculous wonders. read today's edition here.