Tuesday, November 09, 2004

this week's hart focuses on a show i didn't expect to watch. kitty has been spending the past week with me at my parents' house, helping me to dogsit. dogsitting sucks, but that aside, we've been having a nice time. so sunday, we settled down for the season premiere of "arrested development," which was great; thanks for asking. afterward, i wanted to finish watching a movie that we had started the night before. kitty "kinda wanted" to watch "my big fat obnoxious boss". since he has put up with my poop-happy pup, i gave in. and i'm glad i did.

if you're expecting the subtlety of "ad", you shouldn't stay on for fox's follow up show. i mean, they had contestants panhandle and fed them spam and cheez whiz under the guise of it being pate. the cool thing is, they fell for it, saying it was the best food they'd ever imbibed. right now, the contestants aren't on to any of it, which is why it works. after the "millionaire" boss starts openly hitting on the females and they hear that he nearly fired someone because he was short, the program may not be as good. i mean, candid camera kind of blows if the participants have a feeling they're being taped, right? still, for now, i suggest you tune in to this show in which improv actor william august spouts seemingly contrasting phrases like "the american corporate juggernaut" and "crapload of money" within a minute of each other as the boss and task winners are given crappy prizes like sleeping on a lumpy mattress filled with money (that they can't keep). it may be the non-mtv-viewing man's "the assistant," but it made me laugh out loud more than once. read tvgasm's positive review and the hollywood reporter's negative one if you can't form your own opinions.