Tuesday, November 16, 2004

sorry, i'm so late with the gossip this morning, flat tire and all.

liv tyler looked just about to burst last wednesday in nyc. she should give birth to a son any day now.

tv guide news:
  • as disney has announced plans to do a third toy story movie, pixar tp'd the disney lot.
  • t-boz and chilli will seek out a new arsonist for tlc in "r u the girl with t-boz & chilli", a reality series planned for upn.
  • if you've been hoping that omarosa's 15 minutes were up, you're in luck. her last two will air on "fear factor" when she does a reality stars episode with survivors jenna morasca and (vassar grad) ethan zohn, the bachelorette's ryan sutter and various others.

    david beckham could have starred opposite beyonce in more than just a pepsi ad. word is, he was offered a role in the pink panther remake, but he turned it down.

    don't mess with dr. dre. when someone approached his table and punched him before he received his legend award at the vibe awards yesterday, a fight began that ended with someone stabbed.

    i guess getting a bentley from michael jackson is a turn on for swimsuit models. 21-year-old hawaiian tropic gal, monique decormier has been "all over" aaron carter lately, learning the true meaning of "sweet sixteen".

    david lee roth is "just a gigolo" no more. he's training to become an nyc paramedic. as the associated press says, "instead of screaming 'jump,' he'll be yelling 'clear!'"

    breaking news: geri (ex-ginger spice) halliwell's dogs may be gay!

    has paris hilton been toting more of those "dried herbs" around? she fell off a couch at marquee on saturday amidst some "funny-smelling smoke". her pal bijou phillips was also involved in mischief last weekend, getting thrown out of a teen people party, after hitting the mag's music editor with her purse.

    people are taking this kirsten/jake reconciliation way too seriously, claiming that they may now be getting engaged.

    ama dish:
  • jessica simpson may have briefly lost her engagement ring.
  • kanye west freaked out at the announcement of "breakthrough new artist" before he realized he lost.
  • yeah and that anna nicole smith drunk thing, more on that later.

    according to page six, the gotti boys got the "c_ _p" beat out of them after harassing a girl at a long island mall. this is no small feat, it takes a lot to beat the "c_ _p out of a gotti.

    uma thurman might be ready to walk down the isle a third time. she and boyfriend andre balazs have been house-hunting in dutchess county, eyeing penthouse owner bob guccione's old $15 million fixer-upper.

    jones/reynolds wedding dish:
  • chris rock disrupted the ceremony with a bang; and
  • lorraine bracco's glove caught fire (ny daily news).
  • there were 60 naked men at the bachelor party; and
  • count on this marriage lasting two years (ny post).