Wednesday, November 10, 2004

scary britney pic of the day. for those of you who care, she's carrying loop nyc's courtney guitar strap bag, which costs a mere $79. maybe she's saving up for the baby.

angelina jolie may have saved up for her latest baby as well. she has supposedly purchased a russian baby boy from his mother and brought him home to the us already. i think she is creating a live action it's a small world ride.

thank god.

ny daily news bytes:
  • kirsten dunst and kate bosworth are chain smoking their way to skin and bones.
  • madonna and her manager are parted ways. she may move on to the now unrepresented ricky martin.
  • after 85 days of wedded bliss, nicky hilton and the toodmeister were granted an annulment. were they not both incredibly rich, they would have had to get a divorce.

    my boss will be pleased. the fugees might be making a comeback. pras, the one no one cares about, will have to make room in his schedule for the reunion of the hip-hop supergroup, since he is already working on a reality show called "the return of the ghetto superstar".

    david beckham is set to make his film debut in a trilogy of soccer movies called goal! shouldn't they see if the first one makes any money before they decide to make three? i mean, this is a football flick, not the lord of the rings.

    well justin timberlake's autobiography is gonna blow. he is rewriting it so that it doesn't offend britney.

    my old colleague's son is in this band called the anomoanon. they just put out a new cd. it's supposed to be good.

    raj may have made out with two of his most annoying and gross costars on "the apprentice", but his website is pretty rad. i'm a sucker for a man in seersucker.

    imdb news:
  • george clooney is on a diet made up of krispy kreme donuts, pizza and hamburgers. sounds like my ex-wife.
  • while shooting a scene for alexander, a topless rosario dawson gave colin farrell a black eye. i heard he likes it rough.
  • nicole kidman thinks she should play coco chanel because she likes no. 5 perfume. i guess that means i'm perfect for the part of papa john in his upcoming biopic.

    i guess liz hurley didn't marry arun nayar in india last weekend, because she's planning to do that very thing very soon. she'd also like to have like a million of his babies.