Monday, November 29, 2004

scarlett johansson, who has been filming a woody allen movie in the uk for the last few months, has said of british men's courting style, "you sense it would take a guy forever to make up his mind about what to say. by the time they get there, you're gone." in that case, maybe donald would be more her style than shy mickey.

if you want to hear inxs, say they "need you tonight", keep your ears open, they'll soon be announcing 13 us dates for auditions to replace michael hutchence. if they choose you, you might end up being a "new sensation". just don't cry "bitter tears" if you wind up on the cutting room floor when they air the try-outs in a new reality series.

jay-z is hoping to move to brooklyn heights in order to be closer to the nets. he took his bentley and his momma with him house hunting in the posh neighborhood.

the only thing snarkier than britpoppa is a fashion designer. and if you put two of them together, you're bound for the double t: trouble and tantrums. you may have heard that beyonce is the new face of tommy hilfiger's true star fragrance. that in mind, it only make sense for the breakout star of destiny's child to wear his clothes, right? not according to mama knowles. she dresses beyonce exclusively and has taken her daughter's new collaboration so badly that she won't even be in the same room as tommy. we'll soon see who the survivor is of this bloody brawl.