Monday, November 22, 2004

producer/songwriter terry melcher has died at 62. it was at his home where the manson family murders of sharon tate, et al. took place. the crimes may have been a message to melcher, who auditioned manson and decided to pass on him. the police decided this theory had no merit, but considering how badly manson wanted to be a pop star, i think it's silly to discount. p.s. i love serial killers.

check out how the cute cover star of u2's "boy" and "war" has aged. not bad.

beyonce's father (and manager) is not too fond of her jigga boyfriend. of jay-z he said, "he is not somebody i like to spend time with."

no one can resist john stamos's charms on his new show.
can you blame them?

kevin smith and alanis morisette will appear on episodes of the badass "degrassi: the next generation". the tubby filmmaker was unable to convince friend, ben affleck, to star along side him.

did the gottis pinch some 15-year-old rear or not? momma gotti, who is filing assault charges against the boy who beat the "c_ _p out" of her sons, claims the assailant was just jealous and that her angelic boys would never do such a thing. they wait until a girl is 16 before they start the butt pinching.

dido is dating sienna miller's step-mother's ex-boyfriend, soccer player sol campbell. for the record, i am dating dennis hopper's easy rider co-star's look-a-like.

the bush twins were ousted from nyc eatery freeman's and told that there would be no free tables for four years. you can pick your nose and you can pick your friend's nose, but you can't pick your parents.

"oh baby, i love it. don't stop. go for it, girl. give it to me now." find out who inspired eminem to make "such sweet music".

news of the world has the details on the biting and degradation that naomi campbell's latest personal assistant endured. personally, i love being bitten and insulted by supermodels.

gwen stefani tried out for fight club.

pictures of paris hilton kissing another girl will be published in hustler. and while mila jovovich's boyfriend sean lennon may not have been kissing another girl, he did hold hands with one, a newly-30 chloe sevigny.

frankie muniz suffered a broken rib wile playing basketball last sunday. funny, i would have thought he'd have gotten the injury from fucking girls.

ben widdicombe gives it to us straight:
  • nicky hilton might be stepping to maroon 5's adam levine, while bijou cheats on hyde via eskimo kisses with ashlee simpson.
  • ryan gosling loves the older women. his latest 40-something conquest, famke janssen.

    this season's apprentice girls have made their way to maxim. see more pics here and shed a tear that little stacy rotner didn't make the cut.