Monday, November 15, 2004

ol' dirty bastard can stop looking for his money. there's no currency where he went, hip hop heaven. he left 13 children behind when he collapsed and died in the studio on saturday. damn!

also saturday, star jones finally married her ambiguously gay fiance. check out a socialite's life's conception of her wedding chappel.

elisa's gossip:
  • madonna continues to hide her detroit roots with british affectations. she was overheard saying to a bartender, "get us a pint, love! . . . i want a half a pint of timothy taylor and a packet of crisps." we call them potato chips over here, you biddy.
  • bungalow 8 brings out the wild side of paris hilton (but does she have a tame side?). she was toting a bag of "dried herbs" there and it was also the site of a liplock with her sister's former hubby, the toddmeister.
  • apparently lindsay lohan has moved on to the wb's everyman, chad michael murray. i wonder if his fiancee, sophia bush, knows.

    read excerpts of a fax kurt cobain sent courtney love in 1991.

    chris martin, the darkness, the thrills, keane, robbie williams, damon albarn, snow patrol, travis. this is not britpoppa's 2003 christmas cd list. these are just a few of the pop stars that got together to re-record band aid's "do they know it's christmas" yesterday in london. you should plan on hearing it in topshops all over britain every christmas for the next 30 years along with wham's "last christmas".

    rachel hunter follows up her role in fountains of wayne's "stacey's mom" video by playing ginger in the new gilligan's island reality series. her career sure has sykyrocketed. in other failures, nsync's lance bass will make an appearance on the $25 million hoax.

    as if scenes of jake gyllenhaal and heath ledger making out weren't enough to get every hip homo and fag hag clamoring for tickets to brokeback mountain, they apparently get pretty rough, too.

    britney spears has supposedly enrolled in perrerdine college. the only thing that i could find out about this place is that it may be very christian. i don't really see britney taking any classes save lamaze right now, though.

    julia roberts has been told to keep her activity limited to bedrest until she gives birth to her twins in january. a source close to the actress said, "she can't even do pilates." an a-list actress without pilates is like a shoe without a foot.

    the ron howard/tom hanks love affair beat out the ron howard/russell crowe love affair as tom hanks has been chosen for the title role in howard's film of the davinci code. the "bossom buddies" star also beat out george clooney and hugh jackman for the part.

    guess this proposal won't be a surprise. jordan bratman has purchased a 20-carat engagement ring that he will present to girlfriend christina aguilera for her birthday next month. she's been his exclusive "genie in a bottle" for a year and a half.

    posh and becks may be the next osbournes. they are entertaining the idea of doing a reality show.

    imdb news:
  • tom cruise will climb mount everest after shooting mission impossible 3.
  • ashlee simpson hopes to redeem herself by performing again on snl.
  • cameron diaz and justin timberlake have been sued as a result of the altercation last week with some paparazzi.