Saturday, November 06, 2004

late-breaking imdb news:
  • liza minnelli parties just like her mom. she was incoherent when asked to perform at the wrap party for an upcoming outkast film. wait, liza chills with big boi?
  • sources claim that the fact that britney spears has been seen smoking in public means that she is not pregnant. don't they know she is trashy as hell? she'll probably give her newborn a cigarette as soon as she pops it out.
  • speaking of smoking, nicole kidman does it sometimes. she also indulges in foods like cheese with no regard to cellulite. yeah, and i bet tara reid will claim she didn't know her boob was hanging out.
  • if you like boob jobs, you're in luck. heather graham is a single gal again, having left her beau, producer and chuck and buck star chris weitz. i guess she didn't like the "suck and fuck" (if you think i'm just being lewd here, you're just not in on the joke. i'm really quite a sweet young lady).