Friday, November 19, 2004

last night on "the oc", among many other things, we learned that ryan likes journey. don't worry atwood, you're not alone. only a fool can resist the perfectly crafted power ballad.

robbie williams exercised his infamous humility when promoting his greatest hits album in mexico. referring to george bush he said, "i should be president. i'd do a better job than him. and i'm not very bright, i'm not." this time, he may have been right. williams/minogue 2008!

natalie imbruglia's "biggest fan" has brought stalking to an all new level. he asked the perky songstress if he could move in with her. i wonder what her silverchair husband thinks of that. i smell a "three's company" sequel.

when trying out a penthouse in miami, beyonce did some topless swimming. here's the kicker: the neighbors complained. i thought everyone was topless in miami.

imdb news:
  • salma hayek and ed norton may be back together. could it be he was sick of not getting noticed and is using his mexican ex-girlfriend to get back in the public eye? nah.
  • sean connery bought the moon buggy he used in diamonds are forever. hey connery, live in the past much?
  • sigourney weaver may be attempting to make her ripley role a reality as she booked a flight on richard branson's virgin galactic.
  • hugh grant and elizabeth hurley's film company goes the way of their romance.
  • tom cruise ruins mission impossible iii.

    george clooney's on-again girlfriend lisa snowdon slams the door in his face - twice!

    does my favorite retiring studmuffin news anchor swim in the buff? if he does, he doesn't want us to know about it. i love you, tom brokaw. you will be missed.

    naomi campbell and usher made their first public appearance as a couple at the mtv europe awards last night. insert "do it for poppy" joke here.