Saturday, November 06, 2004

mk/violet last night, kitty and i went to see the incredibles, the new disney/pixar movie. it was fun and i was really impressed by what they can do now with cgi. some of the textures were amazing, but they still don't have skin down quite yet. the action sequences were pretty awesome too. i hope they do a sequel. if you go to see it, don't waste the time to sit through the credits; there's no special footage. "bestselling author and social observer" sarah vowell did the voice of the shy daughter violet. what struck me most about the character was her resemblance to mary-kate olsen. weird.

congratulations, mira sorvino-backus. she and her 23-year-old husband welcomed their first daughter into the world on friday.

if you weren't convinced that ralph nader is insane, check out the trailer for his virtual debate with george bush and john kerry. ralph sits between dolls of his two competitors in the presidential campaign, debating while the dolls make numerous costume changes. the former green party leader will be found hiding naked in a plane wheel any day now.