Monday, November 01, 2004

it's really sad when someone so beautiful looks like a 50-year-old drag queen. i guess that break-up with heath ledger was tough on more than just naomi watts's heart.

pam anderson and robbie williams went on a date while she was in london to promote her book. their conversation likely centered around the fact that, between the two of them, they had slept with half of the city's population.

here's more evidence that marc jacobs is ready for a downfall. in addition to designing t-shirts for hillary clinton and debuting a fairly lackluster spring 2005 line, the designer was caught gushing over juicy couture.

in other fashion news, madonna may reprise her role as the face of versace. she is in talks with donatella to star in print ads for the label, photographed by mario testino, who took the pics for her '95 campaign.

let's hope those britney pregnancy rumors are just that. she's only just quitting smoking with the help of a hypnotherapist.

in an attempt to milk the dying bravo show for everything it's got before it (shortly) goes under, "queer eye for the straight girl" will premiere on bravo in 2005. don't they know that straight girls generally don't want to dress like lesbians?

kylie has not seen beau, olivier martinez in quite some time, instead preferring the company of scissor sisters's gay frontman, jake shears.

another interesting set of pals, posh, becks and tom cruise, caught last night's real madrid game. cruise was in spain to promote the country's first church of scientology and perhaps to persuade britain's "royal" couple to choose the religion over kabbalah.

can you believe it? that '70s show's topher grace didn't do so well with the ladies in high school. he said to the boston globe, "unfortunately, i'll never know if i would have done better in college as i grew into myself or if i became popular because i got a TV show." i'm going to have to guess that the tv show had something to do with it.

fyi: sting can be bought. bill gates did it for $500,000.

presidential quick note: jfk lost his virginity in a harlem whorehouse.

oh no, only the ugly one is still available. sorry to all you ladies hoping to stroke a stroke. nick valensi may have joined lead singer julian casablancas on the engaged bandwagon. since drummer fabrizio moretti famously dates drew barrymore, the band's ringo, albert hammond jr., is the only available hipster left.