Thursday, November 18, 2004

it's been a while since i've brought you what i learned in the express today and for that i am very sorry. because of the prolonged absence of this feature (it's been a week), i present you with this extra-long edition:

penny pinching really can save you money. i have long scoffed at my mother and sister's "find a penny, pick it up" mentality, but they truly know what they're talking about. a 78-year-old ohio man lugged the 10,000 pounds of shiny lincolns that he had collected over the last 30 years to his local coinstar machine and came out with over $14,000. he used his prior penny collection to pay for his daughter's wedding in 1970.

kirstie alley isn't the only person feeding her pets breastmilk. the difference? this new zealand woman is offering up her breast rather than a bottle to her bull terrier. she thought the treat would cause "honey boy" to protect her daughter.

if you're a dc-area reader who fancies himself a fan of the nouvelle vague, the national gallery and la maison francaise are running a jean-luc godard retrospective. (especially good for students, this program scheduled many screenings on weekdays. guess i'll never see week end.) now through january 2nd. also, the new yorker college tour hit georgetown yesterday, but you can still catch david sedaris tonight, sonic youth saturday and various other intellectuals (that is, if you consider david sedaris and sonic youth intellectuals).