Tuesday, November 30, 2004

it seems like for every pound mischa barton sheds from her skeletal frame, her boyfriend, brandon davis, gains five. at this rate, he'll look like his brother jason by the time the revenge of the sith comes out.

women across america will have to save their triple orgasm for the theaters. george clooney has pulled out of public appearances for ocean's twelve, citing a ruptured disk. clooney was to be part of a eye candy exhibit (including co-stars brad pitt and matt damon) in the form of "entertainment tonight" coverage for the movie's numerous premieres.

certainly also going missing from the red carpet will be new mom, julia roberts. the birth of her first children wasn't exactly smooth sailing. she had an emergency c-section at 3 am. the twins were delivered a month before their due date, allowing julia to start testing out the skills she learned on the set of tearjerker, step mom.

mary-kate olsen is part of a love triangle involving former beau david katzenberg and new flame ali fatourechi. the two culminated their distaste for one another with a staring contest. tomorrow, they compete in an all-out opposite day battle to the death.

pamela anderson probably wasn't helping stephen dorff out with his "home improvement" when she left his malibu home early sunday morning. when asked to comment on the story, dorff said, "s.f.w!"

goddamn, no one beats the irish when it comes to throwing down over something stupid. the thrills got into a brawl with faithless's maxi jazz over a dance-off. that would be an awesome snl sketch.

the wizard's jenny lewis (i.e. rilo kiley's jenny lewis) is releasing her solo debut in summer 2005. wile you're waiting, you can see her on nearly every other "indie" record coming out until then. nothing tops a girl who can do the freddy.

the musical manchild is at it again. justin timberlake wasn't acting the part of committed boyfriend when he skinny dipped with some sexy video girls in palm springs. can't wait for cameron diaz to cry us a river in the pages of us weekly.

hairspray went from a stupid movie to a stupid musical. now it will become another stupid movie.

did wilmer leave lindsay for ex-girlfriend, mandy moore? does quentin taratino change his underwear? is the toddmeister working on a nicky hilton comedy routine? lloyd grove give you more questions than answers.

naomi campbell had another fit.

fresh from "sex and the city", or more likely his nyc bar, the cutting room, chris noth may replace ailing vincent d'onfrio on "law and order: criminal intent", reprising his role as detective in the original series.

avril lavigne's looking more like nicky hilton than deborah harry these days. or could it be she's looking like paris? boyfriend deryck whibley used to date the elder heiress and his tastes appear to be influencing the demi-sk8r grrl.