Wednesday, November 24, 2004

is it just me or does emily browning, who plays violet in the lemony snicket movie, look a lot like lauren ambrose?

when guy ritchie pisses off madonna, he sends her some jimmy choos. guess despite her new found spirituality, she's still a material girl deep inside.

don't expect paris hilton to leave your television screens any time soon. she will be interviewed by barbara walters and featured on "south park" very soon. she'll also be invading the airwaves as soon as she can get that album finished.

ivana trump is hoping the scissor sisters will remix her new disco album. this calls for another disco demolition night.

rush and molloy's celeb tidbits (everyone loves a tidbit):
  • colin farrell's been passing the dutchi.
  • tom cruise has been enjoying musicals.
  • jennifer garner's been learning poker for her man.

    check out daniel radcliffe's (aka harry potter) underwater christmas card.

    i couldn't bring you this news item in a better way than defamer does:
    Desperate to plug the hole left by the end of Sex and the City, HBO gives SATC's Michael Patrick King's Lisa Kudrow vehicle Comeback a quick 13 episode order. HBO usually knows what it's doing, but does the phrase "Lisa Kudrow vehicle" scare you as much as it does us? It's not quite "David Schwimmer directs," but still.

    kwame jackson, of "the apprentice" fame, will host a business show on cnn.

    robbie williams made an "amazing revelation" on an argentinian radio show, he's slept with four of the five spice girls. methinks he has posh to go.

    bruce willis is suing those involved with a stunt that went wrong on his film, tears of the sun. the sun's not the only shedding tears, this action star is proving himself quite a little crybaby.

    ruben studdard pulls a lindsay lohan and gets hopitalized for exhaustion. dan rather pulls a tom brokaw and will give his last news report march 9, 2005.

    the only thing scarier than a britney/kevin baby is a star jones/al reynolds baby. wonder when she starts the artificial insemination process.

    jane kaczmarek is having a second hip replacement surgery. is she hiding an 80-year-old woman inside her? get this lady a medical alert bracelet, stat!

    little apple martin is growing up to be quite a british looking baby. here she is with mumsy last monday at the airport.