Thursday, November 04, 2004

in honor of the oc's triumphant return to television tonight, today will be an all oc graphics edition of britpoppa, featuring the cheesy promo shots fox created before the series' debut. "the misfit" was not present when several other stars of the show received the key to newport beach from the city's mayor, who proclaimed the day "oc thursday". i'm still aching over the cancellation of the oc airport.

imdb weighed in on the ongoing debate of are they or aren't they. the website quotes renee zellweger as having definitely split up from jack white. check back here in a few days for a story about them going engagement ring shopping.

spike lee lives in stripper gypsy rose lee's old house. his son sees her ghost there regularly. imagine if the sixth sense had been a spike lee joint.

elton john is working on a sitcom in which he would play a "badly behaved ageing diva-like rock star". the character is not based on himself. uh huh and michael moore voted for george bush.

twin peaks fans can stop watching their season one dvds over and over, season two is finally on the way. the first season came out three years ago, but the second was delayed due to licensing rights. look out for the next set in late 2005 (via

p. dids has his eye on his next film role, james bond. the mogul said his ideal bond girl would be angelina jolie. a diddy bond would likely have cristal instead of martinis and an bentley instead of a beemer.

guests at the four seasons beverly hills got an eyeful recently. hugh grant decided to walk around the sauna nude. sounds like this guy should use his sense and sensibility and stay further away from the edge of reason.

jessica simpson is the latest in an incredibly long list of celebs to try launching a new fashion line. the clothes will feature the brand name sweet kisses. the excrutiatingly lame name references the title of her 1999 album.

kate bosworth is shrinking down to mischa barton size, but denies she is on a liquid diet. pretty soon boyfriend orlando bloom will be able to keep the starlet in his pocket.