Wednesday, November 03, 2004

in an awesomely predictable turn of events, paris hilton does not seem to have voted yesterday despite being a very visible presence in puffy's "vote or die" campaign. 50 cent and ludacris don't even appear to be registered.

kate bosworth wants to study psychology at princeton. maybe she thought the eating clubs would prove even more exclusive than cipriani.

watch out kirsten, sandy's ex is coming to town. "nypd blue" alum kim delaney will star in at least 5 episodes of "the oc" this season. ben affleck may be making some tv appearances as well, on girlfriend jennifer garner's "alias.

shar jackson is still getting phone calls from her baby daddy, k. feds. it seems mr. federline has confirmed to the "moesha" star that his bride is pregnant. ms. jackson said of britney's man, "yuck. he is so annoying!"

a former nfl star was arrested for doing a drive-by at sigfried and roy's house. no reason was given for the incident (in which no one was injured), but i'm guessing it's because the magicians are scary as hell. either that or this guy was super angry that "father of the pride" has been shelved for sweeps.

no more crocodile rock for elton john. his days as a bachelor are coming to an end as he has confessed he would love to marry his long-term lover, david furnish. yup, elton john is gay, you guys.

david spade dumped george clooney's ex krista allen because she was listening to his answering machine. the model/actress had gotten spade secret code and was making sure he was being faithful. though the only split two weeks ago, both have new flames. while spade's is an unnamed blonde, allen has been seeing a post-rebecca romijn john stamos.