Thursday, November 11, 2004

i refuse to give up raj. the 28-year-old real estate developer goes on the record about john mcenroe's boxers and his upcoming date with robin.

just as pee wee's playhouse arrives on dvd, paul reubens preps two new pee wee movies (via best week ever).

according to the popbitch newsletter, renee zellweger had her pits botoxed to avoid sweating at bridget jones events and jennifer aniston is listening to the davinci code on tape.

cameron d. and justin t. stole a camera from some paparazzi who were hiding outside chateau marmont waiting for the couple. pictures from the incident will be in this week's us weekly and on britpoppa as soon as i can find them.

jt and cameron aren't alone in their photog-bashing, hugh grant attacked one himself at the bridget jones premiere.

well jennifer garner hasn't kept beau ben affleck out of the titty bars. he recently went to one while shooting a new flick in vancouver, not knowing it was lesbian night. sure, he didn't know. sounds like he's eager to relive chasing amy.

maybe now every day will be like friday for diehard moz fans who like showtunes. the musical some girls are bigger than others, scheduled to debut in london in june, features 22 smiths songs.

it was no happy accident when vincent d'onofrio fainted on the set of "law and order: criminal intent" yesterday. apparently, the wild actor has been causing myriad problems lately, many stemming from his stalwart liberalism. if he's not careful, his character on the show may wind up dying young.

kelly osbourne, fresh from the ruins of "life as we know it", is eager to join the cast of the muppets' wonderful wizard of oz. as britpoppa reported back in september, the movie features a paparazzi pummeling justin timberlake, ashanti and quentin tarantino.

more than just metrosexual jonathan antin will give salon enthusiasts a thrill when season 2 of "blow out" comes to bravo in 2005. expect tons of lens crafters and american express plugs along with bitchy stylists du jour.

defamer covered it yesterday and now page six has caught on, natalie portman is continuing her studies at hebrew university in jerusalem and possibly preparing for her role in the smoker.

the puke report:
  • liza minelli's bodyguard has filed a $100 million lawsuit against her for telling him to "put out or get out."
  • saffron burrows, the beautiful star of troy and circle of friends is said to be the live-in lover of aunt petunia from the harry potter films.
  • another one of hollywood's elderly men dates a girl who could be his daughter. patrick stewart, 64, is with lisa dillon, 25.