Thursday, November 18, 2004

i know it's a little early for hart, but i made a discovery that cannot wait until tuesday. you see, i just had my first mallomar ever, almost immediately followed by my second mallomar ever. i tell you, a treat this delicious only crosses your path once every decade. if you are a mallomar virgin, like i was only moments ago, you might not know that this cookie is basically a s'more, except much, much better. in an article for, king kaufman described them as follows,
A little circle of graham cracker with marshmallow on it, surrounded, smothered -- no, embraced -- by a slightly brittle shell of dark, luscious chocolate. Enrobed. That's the word.
read the whole story here and rush to your local convenience store asap to try them for yourself. i can think of nothing that would make a better companion for tonight's new episode of "the oc".