Thursday, November 18, 2004

i guess growing up in scientology wasn't strange enough for danny masterson, he had to start dating bijou phillips, too (via oh no they didn't).

episode ii lady in waiting rose byrne should have tried making a distraction so that she wasn't caught stealing napkins at a united cancer front gala. maybe they don't have those fancy cloth ones in australia.

incubus's brandon boyd is facing a year in jail for one silly mistake. he brought a souvenir switchblade to laguardia airport and is due to appear in court today. he was probably taking cues from his own song "megalomaniac" and felt himself above the law.

jane magazine employees knew that the lindsay/wilmer relationship was facing rough waters weeks ago. the actress/singer burst into tears when her "'70s show" man told her he could not pick her up from her cover shoot for the mag.

david beckham has been asked by his son's school to no longer drop him off. they claim it is due to the attention the real madrid star attracts, but i think they just don't like his horrendous hairstyles.

robert deniro is set to renew his vows with formerly estranged wife grace hightower on saturday. the bumpy relationship may have found some strength when hightower stood by deniro during his prostate cancer ordeal. rumor has it, she may be putting on some cushion because she is pregnant again, which is probably fine by deniro; he likes big asses.

celebrity baby name updates: claudia schiffer's new girl is clementine; mira sorvino's is mattea.

page six implies that jay-z may be cheating on his bootylicious girlfriend and that the toodmeister may be getting some covert blowjobs under restaurant tables.

goddard college grad and mamet enthusiast william h. macy is looking for roles in "big, fat movies." forget the art house, this wacky redhead is up for armageddon 2.

odb's ex-wife, icelene jones, is also looking for the cold, hard cash. she wants to keep the dead rapper's baby mama from getting her hands on any of his estate.

liza minnelli is countersuing the ex-bodyguard who claims she forced sex on him. she wants $250,000 for jewelry that he allegedly stole from her.

anna nicole smith says that her performance at the ama's was not due to inebriation, but to poor eyes and weakened legs from a new exercise routine. and that 70 pound weightloss was a result of healthy eating and exercise, right?

britney spears's dad is looking to turn over a new leaf with the venice beach smoothie store he just bought. the drug addicted alcoholic can now fuel his daughter's smoothie addiction.

franz ferdinand is too busy being the next big thing to appear in the new harry potter film. they will regret this 5 years from now.

paris hilton is finally paying for one of her remarks. she is no longer served caviar at some eateries because she claimed it was for wannabes in her book (via gawker).

people magazine votes jude law sexiest man alive. duh.