Tuesday, November 23, 2004

jfals hot damn, jimmy fallon was hurtin' back in his high school days. i hope that attempted mustache on the left never again sees the light of day.

sharon stone has gotten ordained and performed her first wedding last weekend. being married by sharon stone is the only thing that approaches the horror of being married to sharon stone.

on monday morning, jewel thieves snuck into the osbourne country home in england by climbing a ladder. ozzy wrestled with one of the intruders before he escaped. burglarized with a ladder? don't these people have a security system?

mariah carey has something to share with us, a new name. she hopes that by having america call her "mimi", she may be able to save her career. fat chance.

bless you spike tv: odb's reality show will still air next year.

nic cage's 20-year-old bride doesn't know what the declaration of independence is. nic cage doesn't know what a mature relationship is.

last night was a very special "everwood". not because amy and ephram finally did the deed, though. the special moment arrived when scott wolf shared the screen with his real-life bride, kelley limp of real world new orleans fame.

red alert: cojo needs your kidney!

lindsay lohan may open a restaurant to piss off ex-boyfriend wilmer valderrama. he told her that his new eatery was a boys only venture, despite including tara reid in the plans. lindsay's restaurant would make business partners out of ashlee and jessica simpson.

radiohead's jonny greenwood is set to take over for franz ferdinand in the next harry potter film. he will join jarvis cocker at a hogwarts dance as a wyrd witch.

gisele's yorkie has pulled a tinkerbell. her 7-year-old pet, vida, is missing.

robin quivers is getting her own talk show. it will probably go the way of "the ananda lewis show", "gabrielle", "queen latifah show"... the list goes on and on.

jamie lee curtis, blames her plastic surgery procedures (liposuction, botox) for causing her to become addicted to painkillers. couldn't be the pain goes along with being married to a far more talented person that herself.

sheryl crow's stalker told her sister he had a "message from god" that told him they were soulmates. this may have proved too serious for sheryl. doesn't he know that all she wants to do is have some fun?

wes anderson and noah baumbach fans: head to bar pitti. that's where they wrote most of the life aquatic.

jlo has gone blonde and butch for her new music video.