Friday, November 05, 2004

here's what i learned in the express today:
  • there was a mad bunnyman in northern virginia and he wasn't on the prowl for echo. according to the myth, this crazed killer could either be a family man who killed his wife and children before giving out halloween candy in a bunny suit or an escaped mental patient who ate bunnies and killed teens. either way, pretty rad. read about the bunnyman and more weird tales and places at
  • sweden has a santa winter olympics, in which santas from all over europe come to compete in various santa-related tasks, such as reindeer driving, storytelling and chimney climbing. one of the event's planners, a santa himself, said "the santa winter olympics is a serious competition that is to be taken most seriously." between this and h&m, i'm ready to move to sweden.
    swedish chef
  • in other swedish news, the swedish chef of the muppets is getting his own stamp in 2005! sure, kermit and miss piggy are getting one too, but it is the chef who truly stands out (as always). other stamps coming out in 2005 include ronald reagan and the father of kittytext's doppelganger, henry fonda. click the chef's pic for a look at the other muppet stamps. børk! børk!