Tuesday, November 02, 2004

here's what i learned in the express today:
  • we may have a very mild winter this year. at least that's what the wooly bears say. wooly bears, those cuddly black and brown pipe-cleaner catterpillars, are able to predict the severity of winter with their black bands. since the rear bands of 100 woolies in hagerstown, md were especially short this year, we may have an especially temperate late winter. the front bands had regular widths, though, so early winter will be average.
  • a congressman in brazil has proposed a law in his country that would make it illegal to give pets people names. the congressman, reinaldo santos e silva, developed the law because children don't like to share their names with animals. kids don't like lima beans either. maybe brazil should make those illegal. (limas illegal? i'm moving to brazil!)