Friday, November 12, 2004

gwyneth paltrow and stella mccartney dressed as pal madonna for a spoof video that was shown during her induction into the uk music hall of fame last night.

goldie hawn and kurt russell may have split up their sure to be common law marriage. the escape from ny star is said to be torturing his castmates on the set of sky high because of the break up, even causing kelly preston to cry. that kelly preston is such a crybaby, though. he probably just made a joke about l. ron hubbard or something.

renee and jack update: they're not a couple again.

what was this woman doing dating bill mahr anyway? the former stewardess nancy "coco" johnson is seeking $9 million because mahr threatened to hit her with a hammer. every time my boyfriend threatens to hit me with a hammer, i just give him a blow job. works like a charm.

penelope cruz has decided that she has "nothing to hide." and has finally admitted to dating matthew mcconaughey. the two have been hiding their relationship since the summer.

barf, bikini-happy jen from "the apprentice" (you know, the anti-semitic one), may pose for playboy.

claudia schiffer has given birth to a daughter with an undisclosed name. what's up with these undisclosed names? they might as well tell us now. maybe that way the kid will be used to getting teased by the time she goes to school.

colin farrell was once mistakenly arrested for murder in australia ten years ago. the only thing that's surprising about this is that the arrest was a mistake.

britney spears must be a sleeping beauty fan. she may name her future daughter aurora.

wilmer may have dumped lindsay lohan (via defamer). good thing she has america's favorite reject, ashlee simpson, to console her.