Tuesday, November 02, 2004

for the november 2nd edition of hart, i review the website of a young celebrity who has been very active in the current hot button issue around hollywood (and the rest of the country), the election. how appropriate 'cause, you know, it's election day. i swear i didn't plan it this way.

amber tamblyn wants you to vote. almost as much as puff daddy. i mean, just check out her wire image gallery. if she's not at a rock the vote event, she's wearing a rock the vote t-shirt. it's cool; it's her first presidential election and she's excited. her energy is sweet and i like her and her show, "joan of arcadia". her website (http://www.amtam.com/), though, i'm not so sure about. of course, the front page contains a link to the declare yourself campaign (famous for featuring a a creepy ad of christina aguilera). it also includes an "artist spotlight" on drum and bass fixture klute and a message of thanks to her fans, all those typical official website fixtures (the olsen twins recommend gwen stefani and u2, by the way). what's atypical, at least as far as i am concerned, is amber's "amspeak" section. "amspeak" is basically a weird sort of outlet for amber to express herself through mostly poetry. i kind of hate poetry, but i can recognize a good turn of phrase when i see it. in "effortless", the daughter of west side story's riff, writes, "wearing black like you and the color were announcing an official affair." cheesy, but i'll give it to the 21-year-old. the line kind of grows on me. but i can't hang with "to discipline the boy i cannot like, until he learns to love." it sounds like she ripped this off the back cover of a lurlene mcdaniel novel. and really, shouldn't we be keeping our secret love poems to ourselves at this age? amby has 15 other gems in amspeak as well as an essay entitled "hollywood is hard" and a glowing review of an ani difranco cd. i think cbs's darling would benefit from renaming the section to "amblog", better allowing her to get away with this self-important trite (since no one really takes blogs seriously, right?). really though, am, i still like you. you should catch her show if you have tivo or stay home on friday nights. just steer clear from the website. unless you like crap.

quick everwood review: i hereby proclaim, "farting in a public restroom is embarrassing" to be the best line i've heard in a tv show in quite some time (edna said it, if you're keeping notes). its success is in its simplicity. this is an embarrassing experience and we have all done it. calling attention to those overlooked moments that we all share is what makes everwood the best family show on tv. amen. i also liked those ketchup children. nice touch, bright. i bet you left hannah writing amspeak-worthy poems all night. fortunately, this shy violet wouldn't go and post them online, though.