Friday, November 12, 2004

everyone has seen those pens, pencils and various other accoutrements at the doctor's office that carry the names of different medications. chances are, you have a few of them lying around the house. not that i'd accuse you of stealing... anyway, this morning i was at the psychiatrist and i noticed a different kind of pharmaceutical promotion, on that sanitizing hand gel that was such a big thing back in the late '90s. the drug that had sponsored it, adderall. i thought it was strange that a drug for adhd chose this method of marketing rather than one for obsessive compulsive disorder (you know, 'cause they wash their hands so much). i told this to my shrink and he thought me quite clever. here's a secret, i thought me quite clever too. the next time you see me, i might be peddling pills and comping lunches for your physician.