Wednesday, November 17, 2004

does vincent d'onofrio have the "bush flu"? in the week since he fainted on the set of "law and order: criminal intent", he's passed out three times more and was hospitalized. the show's reps are optimistic that their star's strange days will soon come to an end.

k. feds is sick of waiting for his new bride. he started a brawl with britney in marina del ray's ritz carlton after she was 45 minutes late to meet him downstairs.

things are heating up between nicole kidman and steve bing. the father of liz hurley's child and the chanel ad star have been blowing out candles to keep their love under wraps.

star jones gave her "the view" co-hosts a verbal smackdown for breaking her wedding rules. elizabeth hasselbeck now knows far too well that you don't mess with a bridezilla's placecards.

fergie has decided to join the red string club after getting an earful about the benefits of kabbalah from demi moore. the duchess of york can probably afford the $26 bracelet, but if you can't, use coupon code rdstrng at to get the package for only the $6 shipping charge.

the beastie boys are being sued by the sugarhill gang for improperly using a sample from "rapper's delight" in their new song, "triple trouble". hopefully this incident won't "sabotage" their future albums sales.

is cameron diaz puff daddy to justin timberlake's jennifer lopez? rumors are swirling around us weekly that the singer may finally dump his angel because she has become too big a liability to his career.

abc has apologized for its dirty "desperate housewives" intro to "monday night football".

another r. kelly sex tape has emerged, this time starring non-minors. one of the ladies involved in the threesome is yankee gary sheffield's gospel singing wife. the sheffields are being blackmailed by a minister who has threatened to release the video. what could me more christian than blackmail and sex tapes? (via gawker)

jack white of the white stripes was horrified when he was asked to play guitar on lindsay lohan's new album. lohan was equally horrified when she saw white's greasy hair.

kristin davis is following up her role on "sex and the city" with a part in a show for a slightly younger audience. she will be the voice of miss spider in the animated program, "miss spider's sunny patch friends". madonna famously read miss spider's first book, "miss spider's tea party" at her pajama party on mtv to promote the "bedtime story" video.