Monday, November 08, 2004

chances are, you're here to see pictures of tara reid's boob from puff daddy's 35th birthday party. i don't have the picture myself, but defamer does and they also link to awful plastic surgery's analysis of the scars she received from getting those implants. according to the new york daily news, tara's dress fell off when she took off her fur coat upon arriving at the party. she didn't realize at the time and let the paparazzi snap photos until a pr woman alerted her to the situation. thereupon, she said to the photogs, "let me see those. you guys better not use those or else - you're all scum." anyway, since you're here, you might as well hang around and check out some more gossip. and if you're looking for paris hilton's crotch shot from the same party, visit gawker. i would post it here myself, but this is an all-ages site and it's not like you haven't seen paris's twat a million times before.