Thursday, November 25, 2004

britpoppa is spending the thanksgiving holiday waiting for the french bulldog to show up on the national dog show.

here's what some celebs are up to:
  • sandra bullock is cooking for boyfriend jesse james and his two sons in her home in georgia.
  • stanley tucci is not making any desserts.
  • katie holmes is competing in her family's "turkey trot" in ohio. chris klein will also be along for the ride.
  • mimi carey will likely be hitting up a restaurant after serving turkey to homeless families earlier this week.
  • madonna is shooting her versace ads in london.
  • shelley long will spend the holidays in the hospital after an alleged drug overdose and possible suicide attempt.
  • woody allen's wife, soon-yi, is staying out of the kitchen, at his request.
    jake gyllenhaal is spending thanksgiving with a new haircut. ugh.

    you can all let the turkey do its job and sleep soundly tonight, gisele's yorkie, vida is safe at home with her master. we know what the brazilian bombshell is thankful for this year, that no one saw taxi.

    temple university students in the "art and society" class who took off early for thanksgiving this week are kicking themselves. monday they missed out on surprise guest lecturer, marilyn manson.

    heidi klum is finishing up her target wake-up call duties tomorrow and moving on to mcdonalds. she will join destiny's child as a spokesperson for the fast food chain.

    daniel radcliffe's fans are pretty extreme. one came up to him wearing nothing but a harry potter towel and a sign that said "nothing comes between me and Harry Potter."

    beyonce is starting to make her feelings for jay-z public. the liner notes on the new destiny's child album read:
    To my baby, I'm your number one fan. U R so smart and talented it scares me sometimes. U inspire me to be better. U challenge me for the better. U R my muse. I'm so in love.
    j 'n b = tru luv 4eva!!

    want to know what size jeans all your favorite rail-thin actresses wear, check in to the 2nd annual celebrity blue jeans for genes auction from november 29 - dec 9. mk's a 25, ashley's a 26.

    is thighs wide shut muse and former foot model, elisha cuthbert cheating on her fiance and justin timberlake's personal assistant, trace ayala? she was "canoodling" with "seventh heaven" alum jeremy london.