Tuesday, November 02, 2004

because george bush wouldn't be caught dead in pastels.

as if going grandmotherly wasn't enough, lil kim is going to lecture at syracuse university. can i get a wtf?

imdb news:
  • in the wake of ashleegate, the younger simpson sister has shelved her "autobiography" single.
  • quentin taratino's next film will be a kung fu pic in mandarin and also deliberately poorly-dubbed english.
  • recovering lindsay lohan shot her '70s show scenes on thursday. the episode will air as scheduled on november 10.
  • the pitt pull a paltrow and buy the naked chef's london home. they hope to raise their future children uk stylee. speaking of the paltrows, mr. martin hasn't been playing his role of husband and father as well as he has been playing the role coldplay frontman lately. he has been spending 18 hours a day in the studio with his bandmates.
  • the "sex and the city" dvds out in december will feature all four alternate endings to the season finale.

    the only thing scarier than a celine dion/anne geddes collaboration is mariah carey as a "sexy" bride. she had a halloween party that boasted puffy as a guest. also throwing fetes were chloe sevigny who (big surprise) had a morrissey-themed bash and an "alien sex slave" rachel bilson who humped her astronaut seth cohen all nite long.

    paris hilton might have a girlfriend. is that why she and nicole ritchie go to the bathroom in pairs? or could nicole be going back to her old drug-sing ways?

    watch out, arun. i heard she's a femmebot. elizabeth hurley may marry her boyfriend this weekend in india.

    and you thought those ballgowns she wore in the pier one commercials were crazy. kirstie alley once had her publicist pump her breast milk into a bottle for her baby possum.

    i'm not going to go all pitchfork and insist that you vote (at the expense of "valuable" content), but i will remind you that, if you don't, p. diddy will very likely kill you.