Wednesday, October 13, 2004 is dishing out the gossip today:
  • lindsay lohan will guest star in a november sweeps episode of "that '70s show" as a client at fez's hair salon. fez and kelso will then tear each other to shreds at the chance to discover whether her bodacious tatas are real.
  • nicky hilton may be attempting to annul her marriage to the toddmeister. maybe he's disappointed that she has been spending so much time out with ashlee simpson.
  • britney spears no more. louisiana's contestant for mrs. cheeto usa has told a german magazine she wants to officially become britney federline.

    and yesterday:
  • matthew perry will direct and star in the november 23rd episode of scrubs alongside his dad. i'm guessing the now out of work actor begged that his role become a recurring one.
  • alfie will no longer be my birthday present from jude law. it has been pushed back from an october 22nd release to november 5th. we all know that means it will be a classic.