Thursday, October 14, 2004

the olsen twins have asked that "skinny mirrors" be installed into their humongous nyc apartment. and who can blame them? it's really tough being the "fat" twin.

brandon davis has confirmed that paris hilton fancies the "n word". boyfriend of the oc's mischa barton, brandon told the national enquirer, "she is a racist plus an idiot." well, brandon is a pretty boy plus a tattle tale. defamer offers the ultimate solution to paris's loss of her huge black fanbase, "Paris' Backdoor Multicultural Gang Bang For Unity, where the only N-word is 'naughty'."

kevin federline is totally up for a "queer eye" makeover. he just needs to ask his wife first (via but before carson can get the poor guy some shoelaces, he's going to hawaii to celebrate his marriage to britney spears with all her a-list buddies.

elton john has admitted his comment that madonna should be shot "was a bit unfair." her red string bracelet must be working.

harry potter, daniel radcliffe's hip musical taste has led to franz ferdinand playing at the yule ball in the next potter film. they may be dressing in drag to do so.

count your blessings, jake. your ex-girlfriend's true colors are coming out and they're pretty ugly. kirsten dunst has been spotted on the town with rick salomon, star of one night in paris.