Tuesday, October 26, 2004

lindsay lohan is still in the hospital with a "high fever" after already spending five days there. the stay has so far cost her her guest appearance on boyfriend wilmer valderrama's "that '70s show". the shoot was scheduled for last thursday. her crazy father said "it might be meningitis."

hollywood love updates: justin timberlake has been spotted buying his sweetie (still cameron diaz) sexy lingerie at the ever so hip agent provocateur. romancing his sweetie in a different way, danny moder has been wearing an empathy belly around the house so he can get into wife julia roberts pregnant shoes.

star jones's fiance al reynolds sure isn't doing anything to curb the rumors that he really plays for the other team. he spent last saturday at a very gay halloween party dressed in a speedo.

sunday night was a victory for ben affleck's cherished red sox and also for his romance with jennifer garner. the two made their first public appearance at game 2 of the world series.

this won't be swept away 2. madonna and guy ritchie are filming in london for ritchie's upcoming revolver. ritchie is sticking to what he does best this time, gangster films.

add magic potions to britney's diet of cheetos and red bull. the star's desperate attempts to get pregnant on her fiji honeymoon have lead her to trying a local fertility brew.

the sun scored a coup with this picture of johnny depp as willy wonka. the expatriate actor is set to take on the role for a jennifer aniston/brad pitt-produced remake of the film of the popular roald dahl book.

milli vanilli may have blamed it on the rain, but the ashlee simpson camp are blaming her lip sync fiasco on acid reflux. get this gal some nexium, stat!