Wednesday, October 13, 2004

lindsay lohan basically quoted her new song, "rumors", when she called in to the ryan seacrest show and said that the whispers around town about her precarious behavior causing problems on the herbie set are completely unfounded. she also flipped out on sugar ray and extra's mark mcgrath when he tried to console her.

it seems like p. diddy was eating prunes instead of raisins when he prepped for his role in the revival of "a raisin in the sun". during one of the performances, the rap mogul got diarrhea ch ch ch.

hugh grant threw a tantrum saturday night in edinburgh when he was refused a table at a popular restaurant. he did indeed ask, "don't you know who i am?"

donatella versace says brad pitt is too clean cut. has she not seen this pic?

"she looks like a cross between someone in a gay club at six in the morning and someone's who's trying to save trees." robbie williams is regretting the comment he made about christina aguilera in his book, feel. he hopes that a letter will clear the air between the two of them.

wtf? bjork was originally offered a role as one of the charlie's angels. i hear that swan dress is surprisingly breathable.