Friday, October 29, 2004

kirsten dunst has decided that the only way to get people to take her political opinions seriously is to look like total ass.

like many "full house" fans the world over, i was delighted to discover that john stamos and rebecca romijn had called it quits. i thought, "maybe this is my chance at true love with my favorite uncle, uncle jesse." those hopes have been squandered by another starfucker, krista allen. miss allen famously dated perpetual bachelor george clooney, her co-star and director in confessions of a dangerous mind.

if you love celibuskanks, you'll probably want to cry when you hear that rod stewart's tarty daughter kimberly is engaged. to some dude named cisco. no, not sisqo.

ru paul is blaming racism for his latest album's exclusion from media outlets such as us weekly, when in actuality, he should be thanking his lucky stars that they spared him the bad reviews.

the message boards report that contact music is claiming that justin timberlake will have a recurring role on "the oc". i couldn't find the story myself. for those of you who like your manchild scruffy, jt is pictured all tatted up for his role in alpha dogs.