Tuesday, October 12, 2004

it's the return of hart!
this week i'm on time and i'm ready to wow you with my reviews of vans' slip-ons, mandy moore and last night's "everwood".

maybe you've steered clear of the van slip-ons because they've been everywhere the past couple of years. they've definitely made a comeback since the heyday of jeff spicoli. or maybe you just don't want to rock the old school surfer look. but i'm telling you, these shoes aren't about the look. they're all about the comfort. besides keeping me from ever having to tie another double knot, my basic black slip-ons allow me to never question what shoes i will put on in the morning. they go with almost everything. and did i mention that you don't have to tie them? this is such a bonus when you're having to run out the house for a doggy bathroom break or you're stoned out of your gourd and couldn't do bunny-ears to save your life, man. order a pair at vans.com. you can even customize them.

mandy moore, how you trouble me. i think mandy definitely has her heart in the right place. she just seems to make so many bad decisions. let's start with her music career. she's barely had a hit since her first, "candy". when "candy" came out, i was skeptical. here was this emaciated 15-year-old trying to out britney britney. and mandy has since said that she can't stand the song. the thing is, it's the best song she's ever done. and when it comes on, a rare event nowadays, i love it. her subsequent efforts have been weak. her last album consisted of covers by artists like cat stevens and carole king and she recently dueted with michael stipe on the beach boys's "god only knows" for the saved soundtrack. girl can pick some good songs but she sure tears them to shreds. this brings us to her movie career. she is a much better actress than she is a singer, but she doesn't have the best track record in terms of choosing roles. the princess diaries was a good vehicle for her debut. she played a bratty high-schooler, something at which she is quite adept. she didn't head straight for the lead and it was a nice introduction for what was to come. the surprising hit a walk to remember was a christian tear-jerking vomit fest, but mandy proved she could be the nice girl as well as the bitch. in how to deal mandy played an artsy teen with family and friend problems up the wazoo. all i can say about this one is she looked darn cute doing it. chasing liberty sucked and saved! was really only saved by her pitch-perfect performance as an uptight, over the-top wwjd-type christian (the opposite of her awtr role). again, mandy has attempted to do some interesting things, they just haven't turned out all that well. hopefully her turn in john turturro's upcoming nyc musical, romance and cigarettes will give her the cred she needs to become a respected actress. all these missteps aside, i can't help but like the girl. she never goes wrong in terms of fashion, a calvin klein girl to the core. mandy also knows a good looking man when she sees him; she dated wilmer pre-lindsay and scorching hot andy roddick. now she's rumored to be stepping out with zach braff. mandy, i give you at b-.

i have been hooked on "everwood" since episode two. it's a family show, but not completely gag-inducing like it's preposterous predecessor, "seventh heaven". i mean, they have used the word "dick" at least twice. i have to say, that things have gotten both better and worse since amy and ephram finally hooked it up. while there's none of the annoying "will they or won't they" plotlines anymore, there's also none of the exciting "will they or won't they" plotlines anymore. who wants to watch these two cuddle up and catch the latest lindsay lohan flick? also, amy got 1400 on her sat? yeah right. that girl's the reason kaplan prep courses were invented. but, anyway, the shift in focus from this couple's troubles to their togetherness has allowed for a lot more growth in our minor characters. hannah is especially promising as the mousy next door neighbor with eyes for bright. she shined last night in her date prep scenes with nina. speaking of nina, it was pretty great when she realized she has eyes for andy. i just think she'll definitely be fighting to get his attention from anne heche's character and her ailing husband. i would rather have had nina being fought over, but andy is too oblivious to realize his feelings for her. finally, what is up with bright "doin' it" in ephram's practice room? it was totally glossed over. i mean, presumably this means the studmuffin has popped his cherry. since when does a wb show ignore such a momentous occasion? and why is next week a repeat?