Thursday, October 28, 2004

is britney pregnant or isn't she? we'll know when she starts dunking her cheetos in red bull. nah, she probably already does that. she and kevin may be planning to do a clothing line. expect lots of trucker caps, wife beaters and shoelaceless sneakers.

page six is reporting that jessica simpson is fuming over allegations that hubby nick lachey did more than watch porn star jessica jaymes perform at his bachelor party. reliably, both jaymes and the lachey camps are calling the charges a bunch of malarky.

jude law will make a cameo on ricky gervais's new sitcom, while is scheduled to appear on the simpsons.

people magazine scored this pic of ben mckenzie and emily van camp out together. maybe those dating rumors are true despite their publicists' denials.

more oc news: apparently the link to the star 94 melinda clarke interview on this page confirms the real-life seth and summer engagement. i haven't been able to listen to it, since i'm currently on the work train (via

some fat lady at marquee freaked out on paris and nicole when she thought they were going to oust her from her table. the "simple life" stars reportedly called her "four eyes" and threw ice. classy.

david beckham, beyonce and j. lo will film a martial arts pepsi ad together in europe. don't expect to see the spectacle stateside, though.

forget that gone with the wind theme, puffy's birthday party will now be a "royal birthday ball" at cipriani. the invitations include this dress code, "silk, velvet and other luxurious fabrics and . . . hand-tailored suits and gorgeous dresses flown in from the fashion houses of paris." i love a rap mogul dressed in velvet. p. dids will also soon be seen on a movie screen near you in the prequel to carlito's way.