Wednesday, October 27, 2004

if you're reading this, it's a miracle. blogger hates me right now. maybe they're affiliated with christus gardens and didn't like kittytext's review. but you've made it, so here's the gossip.

just as lindsay lohan's condition is improving, another red-headed starlet heads to the hospital. julia roberts is experiencing early contractions, but her twins (due in january) should be fine.

ali fatourechi must be jumping for joy. his rumored gal pal, mary-kate olsen, has returned to nyc and nyu after rumors that she may have dropped out and/or had an anorexia relapse. she was just meeting with counselors and doing business, though, so expect to see her huge-sunglasses at da silvano and tasti d-lite again in the near future.

in a victory for pirates of the caribbean fans, johnny depp's father will be played by keith richards in the sequel. expect more eyeliner, debauchery and few thousand bottles of rum. arrr!

so much for mark philippoussis, paris hilton has laughed off their supposed love affair and was spotted kissing another tennis player, andy roddick, mandy moore's ex. let's hope zach braff is still keeping mandy warm at night as it must be tough dealing with the fact that two of her exes are seeing hollywood it gals (wilmer valderrama, being the other).

b-list relationship news: jason davis is seeing courtney peldon. jason is brandon davis's "little" brother (he's a total porker) and courtney is one of fugging it up's all-time favorites. bad news for all you little person-lovers out there, hottie peter dinklage is engaged to a theater director named erica schmidt. have hope; as far as i know, wee man is still available. congratulations to squeaky fromme. the manson family member who tried to kill president ford has found love in the arms of a fellow convict, a lesbian poison enthusiast.

for p. diddy's 35th birthday next thursday, he has planned a gone with the wind themed party. this is the most ironic thing i have ever heard. maybe ashton kutcher will go as pork and demi moore will be mammy.