Monday, October 04, 2004

if you want your hair to look ridiculous, be sure to check out new gotti gel.

gotta love elisa. this week the 25-year-old with a job better than yours gives us the scoop on mk and k-feds. despite what us magazine has been reporting about mary-kate reconciling with david katzenberg, ms. lipsky-karasz says that she has been dancing up a storm with her sister's new boyfriend's friend ali fatourechi. while the olsens slowly take over new york, mr. federline has been coming to terms with his role as protector of america's pop princess. kevin, elisa claims, has been getting gun-shootin' lessons from his new bride's bodyguard.

fucking hell. jude law may be engaged to that snooty tart sienna miller. this bitch makes gwyneth paltrow seem positively humble.

also engaged, but not so gag-inducingly so, are kate bosworth and orlando bloom. the two plan on having british and us ceremonies, a la gwen stefani and gavin rossdale, but kate is not wearing her $300k+ engagement ring, on the advice of both actors' managers, until they make a formal announcement. kate and orlando met on a gap commercial shoot. the elf star of the lord of the rings trilogy used to date puketastic miller.

just as everyone else is deciding to make it official, owen wilson has broken off his one-year relationship with burlesque dancer, carolina cerisola. good thing, the crooked-nosed wilson has vince vaughn movies to make and cradles to rob.

anthony kiedis's crazy father may have caused his son some emotional "scar tissue". the rhcp frontman's book of the same name reveals that he lost his virginity to his coke-dealing dad's girlfriend at the age of 12.

not that you care, but "piano man" billy joel got married this weekend to a woman only five years older than his daughter.

chris columbus will direct a film version of rent. i'm hoping it stars drew lachey, joey fatone, frenchie from american idol and fucking ricky from my so-called life.

papa would be so proud. nick cassavettes, fresh from the success of tearjerker, the notebook, is set to direct justin timberlake, sharon stone and the girl next door's emile hirsch in alpha dog. jt, the musical manchild, will be best friend to hirsch's jesse james hollywood, a successful young drug dealer in this film based on a true story.