Tuesday, October 19, 2004

For the next 24 hours I am in control. Slightly less time than that actually, but it is all mine for now.
I have, however, promised to be on my best behavior, and I am only as good as my word.
Those of you who are already familiar with me are no doubt vaguely revulsed by my being here. Those who are strangers to me will no doubt be revulsed by me around midnight tomorrow.
Kate, with whom I've been a close acquaintance for nearly a decade now, was kind enough to allow me access to her blog, and I shall do my best to uphold the principles of Britpoppa.
I think those are celebrity, counter-cultural exegesis and a wispy almost indefinable malaise just lightly washing over oneself.

Let's see if we can get this done.

My upstairs neighbor just dropped a whole bookshelf on his floor/my ceiling.

Welcome to my world.

- r