Wednesday, October 06, 2004

half-assed review tuesday
today i bring to you "half-assed review tuesday" (hart), which is so half-assed that it is actually coming to you on wednesday. i will use this "column" as a forum with which to share my partially-formed judgments on such matters as books, television, music and movies. you will undoubtedly find it crucial to your own opinion-forming process and will go through "hart" withdrawal when i am similarly late to post in the future. and thus, without further ado, i bring to you "half-assed review tuesday," starring interpol's "antics", the veils's "the runaway found" and queen latifah's taxi.

if i were a teacher, i would give this recording a c+. it's not as bad as it could have been, but it's not really as good as it could have been, either. i think you really need to be in the mood for a downer for this record to really hit home for you. or else you need to live in new york. or wish that you lived in new york. the album screams mediocrity, and while i might listen to it a couple more times, i'm glad i downloaded it for free (several months ago and never listened to it until a few days ago) instead of shelling out $12+ for it.

okay, so this cd was released in january. i never said i was up to date on this stuff. it totally rules, though. finn andrews sings with all the cockiness that you would expect from a guy whose voice channels rufus wainwright, morrisey and julian from the strokes and who fired all his band mates this past summer. but the cockiness is completely sweet when it comes from the 21-year-old son of barry andrews of xtc. finn wrote most of the tracks on "the runaway found" when he was 17 and 18 and it shows. his lyrics are naive and evocative, but also authoritative, romantic and poetic, which should serve to make him the envy of teenage boys in eyeliner the world over. ultimately, i have fallen for this cd because i'm a sucker for strings in pop songs. it makes me want to wear black and be in high school again. in a very good way.

taxi is the worst movie i have seen in recent memory and that includes the perfect score. i was hoping for more from state alums, thomas lennon and ben garant, but all i got were a couple of daewoo cracks and a queen latifah zinger about a half hour in. the rest was the kind of garbage that made me long for the days of kangaroo jack. bizarrely enough, the audience seemed to enjoy it. they were primarily black, though, if that sways your opinion. no offense to african americans, i love you guys, but you were the reason my baby's daddy got made.