Tuesday, October 12, 2004

gawker's down. i don't know if i should relish this opportunity to take over the world of gossip blogging or shed a tear in honor of my certain boredom today at work.

a post on the lime-light.org messageboard claims that an article in star magazine is alleging that mary-kate olsen has added cutting to her vices, a list that already includes starving herself, smoking and snorting tons of blow. all that bad girl behavior must be getting to her since she totally blew up at a bunch of pre-teen fans outside da silvano. star also writes that mk's sis has been giving her boyfriend scott sartiano lap dances and very public kisses.

melissa etheridge has breast cancer. i hope this won't delay her awesome new sitcom.

these college kids must be on dope. an educational housing services survey said that students would most like to have kelly ripa as a roommate. maybe over kathie lee, but...

j. lo cried when she had to do a topless scene in u-turn. the tears came because her boobs didn't get enough screen time. jenny's u-turn co-star, sean penn, has slammed south park's creators for saying there's no shame in not voting. (tonight, i see a screening of their new team america.) in a final u-turn note, the film's director, oliver stone, lost his virginity to a hooker his dad paid for.

tatum o'neil's new book says she was involved in orgies with melanie griffith and make-outs with michael jackson. i'm going to put my name on the library wait list right now.

meow! this is one catfight i'd like box seats to. ted koppel and jon stewart are very pissed at each other. and it's very sexy.

speaking of cats, kimora lee simmons's cat, max, died. max was the inspiration for the baby phat logo. he was 21. kimora is devastated. RIP max. 1983-2004.

roseanne really hates dr. phil. don't we all? a details columnist hates adam duritz of the counting crows. actresses in "friends" aside, again, don't we all?

gilmore girls' new bad guy is in it for the long haul. at least for now. logan, who had his debut on last week's episode, will fight with dean for rory's attention. i like that someone might take the limelight off dean, but i wish it was marty, instead.